Urethane and Conductivity

MPC’s expertise in semi-conductivity continues to improve performance in assemblies vulnerable to electrostatic interference. We custom formulate and fabricate semi-conductive polyurethanes to eliminate static buildup in a broad range of applications including:

  • Rollers for paper handling systems
  • Load wheels
  • Ride and attraction wheels
  • Cleanroom conveyor systems
  • Material handling systems (glass, food, computer chips, etc.)

Conductive Urethane

  • To dissipate a static charge without the use of conductive carbon black, MPC formulates semi-conductive solid or foam polyurethane elastomers using our patented metal-salts technology.
  • For details on the range of conductivity achievable, see conductive urethane in our Products Section.

Conductive RIM

  • MPC’s Conductive Reaction-Injection-Molding (RIM) urethane technology combines the physical properties of reaction-injection-molded polyurethane with electrical conductivity. With volume resistivity between E7 ohm-cm and E10 ohm-cm, conductive RIM can be used for electrostatic dissipation in a wide range of components and applications, including: rollers and paper handling mechanisms in business machines; enclosures and packaging for sensitive electronics; and materials-handling equipment.
  • Powder coating RIM urethane parts without the need for a conductive primer is also a benefit of incorporating MPC’s semi-conductive technology directly into the RIM base formula
  • Access to the technology is available through MPC in the form of custom-manufactured components, and through technology licensing and other arrangements.