Urethane vs. Metal

Polyurethane offers significant advantages over metal. It weighs less, is easier to handle, generates far less noise, and typically outlasts and outperforms metal. In fact, polyurethane components have been known to outwear metal parts, lasting up to three times longer. Polyurethane can also be easily cast in inexpensive tooling whereas the manufacture of metal parts requires welding and machining, which can be very costly. Check out some of the most impressive features of urethane properties below!


  • Lighter weight: polyurethane is easier to handle and cheaper to operate
  • Less noise: metal generates noise, polyurethane absorbs it
  • Better wear: urethane exhibits outstanding abrasion- and corrosion-resistance
  • Cheaper to manufacture: welding and machining of metal parts can be time-consuming and expensive
  To learn more about how polyurethane can improve your product performance, including how it compares to rubbers, plastics and metals, download our white paper.

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