Customized Conductive Urethane Products for ATM, Currency & Document Handling Machines

male hand businessman inserts credit card into the ATM and withdraws money

One of the most fascinating traits of conductive urethane is its application in an extensive range of industries. Because of its conductive abilities and its unmatched durability, conductive urethanes can be customized for use in ATM, currency, and document handling machines. At MPC, we have worked to establish our reputation as a leading developer and manufacturer of customized components. That means everything from belts and wheels to covered rollers. We design and manufacture these components based on specially formulated thermoset polyurethanes for banking machines and other currency and document handling applications. Our customized conductive urethane products can be found in everything from ATMs to transportation and parking kiosk ticketing machines. (more…)

The Unique Benefits of Conductive Urethanes In Office Equipment

printer with urethane rollersDid you know that both conductive solid urethane and conductive urethane foam serve a crucial purpose in the manufacturing of machines we use every day? Monumental innovations in the development of semi-conductive configurations of polyurethane have facilitated the generation of new and unique applications for this extremely versatile material. Specifically, business machines used in offices and printers around the including like office automation equipment, copiers, printers, collators, and transportation systems have all benefited from conductive urethane components. (more…)

Custom is King Part 2 – Our Innovative Processes

To us, being a leader in our industry means more than offering the most extensive selection of products and services. At MPC, it’s all about creating custom solutions for the unique needs of our valued customers. When we manufacture components from high performance semi-conductive urethanes, they need to be machined in order to achieve the exact specifications and traits required for the purpose they serve. As we outlined last week in our Custom is King blog, it’s a combination of machining techniques and expertise that allows us to confidently produce machined urethane products with the precision and accuracy that our clients deserve. In that blog, we discussed the cutting tools we use, and featured 3 of our advanced machining processes, including drilling, parting and milling. Today we will discuss the other machining services we offer, including contouring, grinding, sawing, facing and turning.  


Machining Cast Polyurethanes, Part One

Here at Mearthane, we frequently get asked a lot of questions about the process of machining cast polyurethanes, from the steps involved to the traits of the finished product, and everything in between. As urethane experts, we’re always happy to take some time to sit down and share helpful information with our valued customers so that they may better understand what we do, and how much care we put into the custom urethanes we produce. Today we’ll be discussing machining cast urethanes, including the differences in how urethanes of different durometers involve different types of machining, the different tools involved, and so much more. Curious about how the urethane experts machine cast polyurethanes to create custom products? Let’s begin! (more…)

4 Impressive Urethane Properties you never knew about

urethane ringsOver the past several decades, Urethane has swiftly become the material of choice for so many of today’s performance-driven applications, and with good reason. Urethane offers unmatched mechanical and physical properties, excelling where other materials fail. The simple truth is, urethane can be formulated to be lighter, stronger, faster, quieter, and cheaper than most alternative materials. Urethane’s biggest strength is arguably the potential for so many unique formulations which make it more resistant to abrasion, cutting, and tearing, or more flexible. Of all the important traits and benefits of different urethane formulations, some features hold more value in industrial applications, solidifying urethane’s importance in our country’s infrastructure.