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Customized Conductive Urethane Products for ATM, Currency & Document Handling Machines

One of the most fascinating traits of conductive urethane is its application in an extensive range of industries. Because of its conductive abilities and its unmatched durability, conductive urethanes can be customized for use in ATM, currency, and document handling machines. At MPC, we have worked to establish our reputation as a leading developer and… Read more »

The Unique Benefits of Conductive Urethanes In Office Equipment

Did you know that both conductive solid urethane and conductive urethane foam serve a crucial purpose in the manufacturing of machines we use every day? Monumental innovations in the development of semi-conductive configurations of polyurethane have facilitated the generation of new and unique applications for this extremely versatile material. Specifically, business machines used in offices… Read more »

Machining Cast Polyurethanes, Part One

Here at Mearthane, we frequently get asked a lot of questions about the process of machining cast polyurethanes, from the steps involved to the traits of the finished product, and everything in between. As urethane experts, we’re always happy to take some time to sit down and share helpful information with our valued customers so… Read more »

4 Impressive Urethane Properties you never knew about

Over the past several decades, Urethane has swiftly become the material of choice for so many of today’s performance-driven applications, and with good reason. Urethane offers unmatched mechanical and physical properties, excelling where other materials fail. The simple truth is, urethane can be formulated to be lighter, stronger, faster, quieter, and cheaper than most alternative… Read more »

What Information Should You Prepare For Your Urethane Manufacturer?

Now that we’ve walked you through the questions to ask your thermoset polyurethane manufacturer before you begin the project,  we’re going to turn the tables and discuss the important information you should be ready to share when you speak with your urethane manufacturer about your application. It’s likely that in the process of developing your… Read more »