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One of the most fascinating traits of conductive urethane is its application in an extensive range of industries. Because of its conductive abilities and its unmatched durability, conductive urethanes can be customized for use in ATM, currency, and document handling machines. At MPC, we have worked to establish our reputation as a leading developer and manufacturer of customized components. That means everything from belts and wheels to covered rollers. We design and manufacture these components based on specially formulated thermoset polyurethanes for banking machines and other currency and document handling applications. Our customized conductive urethane products can be found in everything from ATMs to transportation and parking kiosk ticketing machines.

Our Custom Configurations for ATMs and Kiosk Machines

MPC is unique in its ability to custom formulate urethanes in both solids and microcellular foam forms for currency and document handling machine applications. MPC can customize proprietary product solutions for machine manufacturers using solid elastomers, cellular foams, and microcellular foams. Each of these configurations offers its own set of benefits, making each ideal for different components. MPC’s ability to provide customizable levels of electrical conductivity, hardness, compressibility and COF (coefficient of friction: resistance to motion between two contacting surfaces) greatly increases equipment reliability and performance and eliminates the need for overly tight tolerances in design.

Solid Elastomers are designed for applications where a coefficient of friction (COF), high abrasion resistance, and tight tolerance surface finish are needed. These solid elastomer formulations also provide high heat dissipation and resistance to wear.

Microcellular Foam offers a uniform, mostly open, cell structure with a self-cleaning property. These non-glazing urethane foams, with their uniform cell size, provide excellent compression set, which allows them to return to their original shape after being compressed. These foams are an economical materials choice given their durability under such circumstances.

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Customizing Properties for Conductive Urethanes

While those three formulations may sound unique enough on their own, all of them are customizable for specific conductive properties. To configure them to the unique specifications of their destined application, MPC chemists modify the electrical conductive properties of urethane at the molecular level, using only very small amounts of additives. The ability to provide customizable levels of electrical conductivity and coefficient of friction greatly increases equipment reliability and performance, while eliminating the need for overly tight tolerances in design. This gives our customers more flexibility and more confidence in the efficacy of the end product.

Why Our Clients Keep Coming Back

For ATM and service providers, the benefits of customized conductive polyurethane components include increased equipment accuracy and precision, reduced downtime and service needs, as well as a significant decrease in the need for parts replacement, and enhanced customer satisfaction experiences in using such machines. Since operational reliability and durability are essential to these machines’ functions, ATM machine manufacturers and replacement part providers look to MPC to formulate highly engineered urethane components that will provide consistent electrical conductivity and coefficient of friction levels.

If you’re ready to talk to MPC about the specific requirements of your ATM, currency, or document handling machine application, contact us today!