Advanced customizable pads outperform traditional rubber and urethane materials in paper-handling and film-handling applications

Cranston, RI, November 29, 2005 – MPC announces the availability of pick pads made from Durethane F/C, a chemically blown or mechanically mixed/frothed cellular foam (F) with a closed cell structure. The foam has customizable conductivity (C) and a range of hardness properties. The pads are self-cleaning, are extremely durable, and are formulated to have a constant high coefficient of friction. These characteristics make them ideal for high-speed, precision equipment that transfers materials such as paper and film.

“Customers are increasingly turning away from other materials and selecting our Durethane pick pads for their reliability and ease of maintenance,” says John Roderick, President and CEO of MPC. “As more and more printing and paper- or film-handling applications become high speed, there will be an even greater market demand for our pick pads.”

Pick pads are used in paper feed and advance systems to move paper, plastic film, and other thin film substrates from trays and transfer them to rollers. In order for the pads to engage a single sheet transfer each time at high speed, and avoid double-feeds or paper jams, the coefficient of friction of the pad must be proper, precise, and constant at all times. Among other applications, pick pads are used in printers, postal meters, labeling machines, inserters, and film processing equipment. Often these applications involve high speeds that generate tribocharge from friction between two substrates. Traditional pick pad materials, such as rubber and solid elastomers, are subject to a high rate of wear and a changing coefficient of friction over time, causing irregular feed advance. Also, pads made from these materials require surface cleaning to remove accumulated paper dust, airborne deposit, and glazing from use.

Durethane F/C pick pads can provide a constant high coefficient of friction that promotes uniform feeding for paper and film substrates. The customized conductive properties further enable the pick pads to dissipate electrostatic charges. The pads are extremely wear-resistant even at high-speed applications. The self-cleaning properties of the pick-pads significantly reduce the need for surface cleaning and therefore enhance efficiency and reduce the cost per sheet in paper transfer applications.

The MPC pick pads provide a volume resistivity ranging from E8 to E10 ohm-cm. at a hardness of 10 Shore A to 95 Shore A where 35A to 65A are commonly used in paper transfer applications.

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MPC was founded in 1965 as Mearthane Products Corporation. The company specializes in creating customized castable thermoset polyurethane products with variable mechanical and environmental properties to suit a wide range of applications. MPC’s customers include companies in military, medical, business machine, and various industrial and recreational markets.

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