Mearthane Products Corporation Acquires Elmco Tool, Inc.

Mearthane Products Corporation (MPC), a Rhode Island-based developer and manufacturer of customized polyurethane components, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Elmco Tool Inc., a provider of precision Computer Numerical Control (CNC) and machining services based in Bristol, Rhode Island. read more

Custom is King Part 2 – Our Innovative Processes

To us, being a leader in our industry means more than offering the most extensive selection of products and services. At MPC, it’s all about creating custom solutions for the unique needs of our valued customers. When we manufacture components from high performance...

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Machining Cast Polyurethanes, Part One

Here at Mearthane, we frequently get asked a lot of questions about the process of machining cast polyurethanes, from the steps involved to the traits of the finished product, and everything in between. As urethane experts, we’re always happy to take some time to sit...

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4 Impressive Urethane Properties you never knew about

Over the past several decades, Urethane has swiftly become the material of choice for so many of today’s performance-driven applications, and with good reason. Urethane offers unmatched mechanical and physical properties, excelling where other materials fail. The...

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What Sets Mearthane Apart from the Competition?

Now that you know the 3 most important questions to ask when comparing thermoset polyurethane manufacturers, you should also feel confident in asking what sets your choice apart from their competitors. Here at Mearthane, we’ve heard this question a few times, and...

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Explore benefits of open cast molding vs. injection

When you’re preparing to purchase high quality urethane components for your unique application, it makes sense to educate yourself on the distinct differences between the two most common processes used for manufacturing polyurethane parts. Open cast molding and...

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MPC Announces Availability of Durethane(TM) Pick Pads

Advanced customizable pads outperform traditional rubber and urethane materials in paper-handling and film-handling applications Cranston, RI, November 29, 2005 – MPC announces the availability of pick pads made from Durethane F/C, a chemically blown or mechanically...

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MPC Increases Life Cycle, Durability of Car Wash Rollers

A joint project with Miracle Car Wash creates Durethane(TM) rollers that last up to three times longer than traditional materials Cranston, R.I., Oct. 4, 2005-MPC (Mearthane Products Corporation) announces the successful completion of a partnership with Miracle Car...

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MPC Announces Improvements to Durethane(TM) C

New material customizes electrostatic properties for a wide range of uses, from paper-handling equipment to packaging materials Cranston, R.I., August 22, 2005-MPC (Mearthane Products Corporation) has improved its proprietary formulation for Durethane C. The new...

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MPC Announces Availability of Durethane Foam Products

Urethane replaces traditional rubber, solid elastomers, and silicone in business machines and transport rollers Cranston, RI, April 27, 2005 Foam urethane products are available from MPC in a wide range of formulations. There are two basic product lines: Durethane M,...

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