urethane parts

Now that you know the 3 most important questions to ask when comparing thermoset polyurethane manufacturers, you should also feel confident in asking what sets your choice apart from their competitors. Here at Mearthane, we’ve heard this question a few times, and after 50 years in the industry, we have plenty of answers! With an unmatched combination of expertise, quality assurance, and the ability to handle an extensive range of products while offering services that our competitors don’t, we’re confident that we stand out from any competitor we’re compared to!


Expertise is something that doesn’t just fall into the laps of those who start a company, it’s earned over years and years of hard work. Mearthane Products Corporation was founded in 1965 and since then we’ve served clients in a wide range of different industries with custom formulated polyurethane components and assemblies. Part of our expertise has come from our desire to innovate, and our company has consistently been the first to market our breakthroughs, setting  industry standards and developing new formulations and advanced processing technologies.

Quality Assurance

At Mearthane, we stand by our firm commitment to producing only the highest quality products. For us, quality starts the moment we first begin discussing your unique needs. Each client is different, each application has its own set of specifications and requirements, and we take the time to get to know every detail, producing an end product our clients can be proud of. From the first conversation with urethane, you’ll gain the peace of mind that can only come from working with an expert. With so much experience and knowledge, we have the confidence to suggest one of our hundred urethane formulations or a custom option that’s uniquely suited to your specifications. Our customers keep coming back because the services and quality we offer are unbeatable!

We can handle any size project!

When you’ve been told “no” by other polyurethane manufacturers, Mearthane can say yes! Our advanced equipment and state of the art facilities allow us to handle any size project, giving our customers the flexibility to customize the largest or smallest parts and components. Although we’ve had the pleasure of serving industries like military defense, business machine manufacturing, and recreational, our production capabilities are innumerable, we have extensive experience producing many types of rollers, components, conveyer bombers, pulleys, sprockets, pads, belts, bearings, pump impellers, wheels, and so much more.

To speak with one of our friendly associates, learn more about our years of experience, and discuss what we can do for you, contact Mearthane today!