Your partner in precision urethane-based technology from prototype to production.

Medical Devices

MPC’s Durethane® technologies are ideal for medical device applications that require superior material performance and compliance with regulatory requirements. Our material’s versatility provides medical device designers the ability to design what they envision, without compromising product functionality or breaking the bank. Our thermoset polyurethanes can improve component life and reduce maintenance costs. Other benefits of Durethane® materials for medical devices include:

  • FDA-compliant formulations available
  • Sterilizable by multiple processes
  • Durethane® C conductive polyurethane for static dissipation
    or charge transfer
  • Improved abrasion, tear and chemical resistance

MPC is a trusted manufacturing partner to medical device OEM’s, including the manufacture of components such as bumpers, casings, conveyor belts & rollers, wheels & casters, and many more.