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Durethane® Standard Shapes include a wide variety of polyurethane materials in diverse shapes and sizes.  These products use our most popular Durethane® formulations to create elemental pieces that portray the material’s full set of physical properties. Durethane® Standard Shapes are available in various shapes, including: Sheets, Tubes, Rods, Strips, and Bars.


Durethane® Standard Shapes can easily be machined or fabricated into any shape or form. This flexibility makes the standard shapes a perfect tool for prototyping or full production. For more information on how to machine polyurethane, click here.

Application for Durethane® Standard Shapes include:

  • Inspiring your design process by touching and feeling specific materials
  • Prototype a product or component in the expected material
  • Material validation during product design
  • Machine finished products or components that may be difficult to mold

Physical Properties

Our trade-secret formulations allow us to achieve a wide range of physical properties, including: 

  • Hardness range from Shore 10A to 85D
  • Elongation range from 15% to 1100%
  • Tensile modulus range from 35 PSI to 5650 PSI2
  • Tear strength range from 25 to 1100
  • Compression set range from 3% to 45%

To see a list of prices and dimensions available, download our Durethane® Standard Shapes Data Sheet.

Stock Shape Price List