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Our industry-leading Durethane® technologies are engineered for superior performance and can be made into a wide variety of components. These technologies can be combined to create custom formulations or multi-layer components to meet the toughest material challenges. We can provide polyurethane solid and foam shapes and customized components with almost endless physical property options, from prototype to mass production.

Durethane® Technology

  • Durethane® S – Versatile solids for mechanical strength and diverse physical properties
  • Durethane® F – Open or closed cell foams for flexibility, insulation or shock absorption
  • Durethane® C – Conductive polyurethanes for static dissipation or charge transfer
  • Durethane® G – Tough, self-lubricating polyurethanes for long component life and reduced maintenance in high-wear parts
  • Durethane® XL – High performance and durability in harsh conditions over time
  • Standard Shapes & Prototyping
NOTE: All urethane elastomers can be formulated to be electrically conductive, for applications involving electrostatic dissipation (ESD). Mearthane’s proprietary conductivity process does not compromise the material performance specifications of the urethane. For more information, click here.

Early Design and Engineering Assistance

We can help you develop the best material for your unique application through our Early Design and Engineering Assistance. For information about custom formulations and the specific values attainable for your application, please call our sales department at +1 (401) 946-4400 or click here to email an inquiry.

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