MPC manufactures high performance solid, foam, and semi-conductive urethane elastomers under the trade name Durethane® for a wide range of industries and applications.

New Product Development:

Thermoset cast urethanes can be formulated to optimize performance in a broad range of applications including paper handling systems, textile rollers, gears, belts, bumpers (and other conveyor system components), skate wheels and acoustic noise dampening systems. In fact, MPC’s expertise and versatile formulations of conductive urethane in customized urethane products have been applied to everything from impact bumpers used in pneumatic nail guns to marine though-hull valve seals and couplings for helicopter rotors. We can help you develop the best material for your unique application through our Early Design and Engineering Assistance.

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NOTE: All urethane elastomers can be formulated to be electrically conductive, for applications involving electrostatic dissipation (ESD). Mearthane’s proprietary conductivity process does not compromise the material performance specifications of the urethane. For more information, click here.