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MPC’s Durethane® technologies stand at the forefront of excellence in a wide range of energy applications, delivering unparalleled performance and durability. Our advanced polyurethane products are engineered to endure the demanding conditions of the harshest environments, including oil, natural gas, and wind.

With a diverse range of hardness options and innovative solutions, we can customize our offerings to precisely meet your unique design requirements.


  • Superior resistance to abrasion, chemicals, & temperature for prolonged service life
  • Offers high strength, toughness, & impact resistance, ideal for high-stress environments
  • Inherent noise-dampening properties contribute to improved working conditions
  • Customizable to meet specific design requirements
  • Elasticity for flexibility in design & installation


From prototype to production, we specialize in bringing challenging ideas to life. Explore our portfolio to witness the power of Durethane®


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