Your partner in precision urethane-based technology from prototype to production.


MPC’s versatile Durethane® technologies are ideal for mission-critical applications in numerous industrial applications. Our high-performance materials play key roles in mineral extraction, robotics, aviation, automobile, and many other applications. The versatility of our engineered materials provides industrial designers the ability to design what they envision, without compromising product functionality or breaking the bank. Benefits of Durethane® materials for industrial applications include:
  • Longer product life with lower maintenance requirements
  • Improved physical properties including abrasion resistance, temperature range, and chemical resistance
  • Durethane® C conductive polyurethane for static dissipation or charge transfer
  • Avoid the use of dirty lubricants in mechanical parts
MPC has been a valued partner to industrial partners, including the manufacture of rollers, belts, tires, wheels, bumpers, and many more.