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Durethane® F is our adaptable polyurethane foam technology. We create Durethane® F by introducing blowing agents to the material chemistry, which generates gas bubbles and embeds a cellular structure in the cured material. This proprietary foaming process allows us to engineer foams with open or closed cells and a wide range of specifiable physical properties. To learn more about polyurethane foam and how to incorporate it into your design, click here


  • Self-cleaning pores shed debris, reducing maintenance costs and extending product life
  • Prevents glazing, maintaining product performance over time and wear
  • Cell size and structure can be customized, along with the material’s physical properties
  • Available with a variety of surface finishes, including integral skin
  • FDA-compliant formulations available
  • Can be made conductive using our patented metal salts technology


Durethane® F is the most versatile of our polyurethane technologies. Its flexible chemistry allows us to adapt the material for a variety of applications, including:

  • Shock Absorption
  • Paper & Material Handling
  • Conveyance Systems
  • Digital Printing & Imaging
  • Currency Handling
  • Bumpers & Cushions

Physical Properties

Our trade-secret formulations allow us to achieve a wide range of physical properties, including:

  • Hardness range from Shore 10A to 55A
  • Density range from 20 PCF to 55 PCF
  • Tensile modulus range from 35 PSI to 5650 PSI2
  • Tear strength range from 25 to 1100
  • Compression set range from 3% to 45%

For more information about Durethane® F, download our Durethane® F Data Sheet below.

Download Our Durethane Material Data Sheet