Your partner in precision urethane-based technology from prototype to production.

Paper & Media Handling

MPC’s Durethane® technologies have been key to performance in most media handling applications since the company pioneered the use of polyurethanes in office automation equipment in the 1970’s. Our material’s versatility provides product designers in the paper and media handling industries the ability to design what they envision, without compromising product functionality or breaking the bank. Our thermoset polyurethanes can improve component life and reduce maintenance costs. Other benefits of Durethane® materials for paper and media handling applications include:
  • Self-cleaning Durethane® F foam technology maintains performance over longer wear life
  • Durethane® C conductive polyurethane for static dissipation or charge transfer
  • Improved physical properties including coefficient of friction, abrasion resistance, and tear strength
  • Sound dampening and noise reduction
MPC has been a valued partner to OEMs in the ATM, self-service kiosk, digital printing, and mail handling industries, including the manufacture of rollers, belts, tires, wheels, and many more.