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MPC offers a full line of specially formulated Durastatic Piping Systems. With a wide range of pipe and components available for use, our low pressure urethane pipe system provides superior flow rates and ease of installation. With over 60 years of processing, Durastatic Pipe can typically be found in high abrasion – high wear environments. Designed to interface with the American Standard Association (ASA) pipe systems, Durastatic Pipe and a complete line of fittings are available in 4″, 6″ & 8″ nominal sizes.


Quality – Durastatic Pipe offers a higher performance rating compared to steel and polyethylene

Longevity– Durastatic Pipe has the ability to withstand a wide range of pH in transport fluids

Efficiency – Durastatic Pipe allows for the use of smaller cross sections and less costly pumping equipment

Adaptability – Durastatic Pipe can easily be configured using generally available connectors or adhesives

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