Solid Urethane

Solid urethane formulations are individually compounded and tested to meet OEM requirements for durometer, tensile strength, tear strength, elongation, coefficient of friction, abrasion resistance, compression set, compression modulus, tensile modulus, resilience, solvent resistance, and color. Solid urethane can be machined.


  • High abrasion resistance
  • High or low coefficient of friction depending on durometer
  • Tight tolerance surface finish
  • Chemical resistance


Typical applications include rollers, pads, bumpers, and other components in paper handling mechanisms for business machines such as printers, copiers, fax machines, postage meters, collators, and ATMs. Other applications include in-line skate wheels, skateboard wheels, casters, shock absorbers, springs, and elastomeric die blocks. MPC’s solid urethane is available in Standard Shapes for machining and prototyping. See: 2015 Standard Shapes PDF

Physical Properties

Click here to view tables representing the typical ranges of physical properties for materials formulated from MPC’s solid urethane. For information about custom formulations and the specific values attainable for your application, please call our sales department at +1 (401) 946-4400 or email us at