MPC DesignKit: Design what you envision – without compromise!

Tap into our expertise for your next product innovation.

We partner with product design engineers from a product idea to the prototype and mass production. Our industry-leading Durethane® formulations are engineered for superior performance and reliability and can be made into a wide variety of components. Durethane® technologies can be combined to create custom formulations or multi-layer components to meet your toughest material challenges.

Design the Perfect Part for Your Application

Our latest DesignKit is your innovation toolbox. The DesignKit helps product designers in making important material decisions during product and component design.
  • The DesignKit gives you an idea for the versatility of polyurethane chemistry, as well as some of the types of components that can be manufactured using polyurethanes.
  • Saves design time while increasing accuracy in selecting the right material properties.
  • Makes it easy to define and specify desired physical properties such as hardness (durometer), coefficient of friction, abrasion resistance, and many more.

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In the MPC DesignKit, you’ll receive a variety of urethane- products and material samples. Hold material samples in your hand and feel your design come to life!

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