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Seals and gaskets are essential components commonly found in many applications. They serve to prevent the escape of liquids and gases from one area to another by closing off any gaps or openings that may exist between two surfaces. In mission-critical applications, standard seals and gaskets may not be adequate to meet performance demands, and alternative solutions may be necessary to guarantee optimal results. To address complex design and performance requirements, custom-formulated polyurethane or silicone seals and gaskets should be considered for superior physical properties like cut and abrasion resistance and improved reliability compared to standard options. For example, in specialized leak testing, seals and gaskets made of thermoset polyurethane tend to perform far superior to other materials when employing helium.

Considering whether custom-formulated polyurethane or silicone seals and gaskets are right for your product design, check out the following four categories below to identify your exact design specifications:

There are several techniques to achieve various shapes. Learn what molding with custom engineered materials can offer.

Determine if custom engineered materials are the right sealing solution for your product design needs.

When something fails, it can cause significant delays. Explore custom engineered materials for improved performance.

Design what you envision without compromise. Here are some innovative solutions for custom engineered materials.