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Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) provides designers unlimited freedom to design what they envision without compromising the product’s structural integrity.

Despite having a similar name and process to injection molding, RIM has the capabilities to produce a wide range of hardnesses and improved physical properties through thermosets and never with thermoplastics. RIM combines the superior materials mostly used in cast molding to achieve stronger, lightweight, tailored products and components. Because of this, RIM is often used in structural parts, enclosures, and cabinetries found in fitness & recreation, military & defense, medical, and heavy machinery applications to name a few.

To further explore if RIM is right for your product design, check out the four categories below to determine your process, material, and design requirements.

There are several molding methods to consider for large, complex parts. Learn what RIM has to offer your product design.

Selecting the right material is key to optimal performance. Determine which RIM material is right for your product design.

Explore the various aesthetics and performance options that RIM has to offer your product design.

Variable wall thicknesses are no challenge to RIM. Here are a few design tips to successfully molded products.