Your partner in precision urethane-based technology from prototype to production.


Durethane® R combines the superior properties of thermoset polyurethanes with the adaptability of injection molding techniques. This flexible material enables designers to produce stronger, lighter parts, with unique surface finishes and intricate geometries. Our formulations give Durethane® R superior resistance to chemicals, heat, and high tensile strength. Durethane® R can be made into any intricate shape, solid or foam.


  • Higher strength to weight ratio for large, intricate products & components 
  • Offers improved stiffness & function thorugh molded inserts   
  • Material resistance to chemicals & other harmful substances
  • Capable of producing both rigid, elastomeric or structural products & components 
  • Wide variety of textures, surface finishes & painting can be achieved


Durethane® R provides designers complete freedom to design what they envision without compromising the product’s structural integrity. Our trade-secret process creates large, complex product’s and components, making Durethane® R the right material for many applications, including: 

  • Medical Devices
  • Military & Defense
  • Automotive & Marine
  • Paper & Media Handling
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Transportation

Physical Properties

Our formulations allow us to achieve a wide range of physical properties, including:

  • Hardness range from Shore 27A to 75D
  • Elongation range from 8% to 330%
  • Molded density range from 15 PCF to 72 PCF
  • Tensile strength range from 180 PSI to 7000 PSI

For more information about Durethane® R, download the Durethane® R Data Sheet below.

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