Research & Development

MPC’s R & D team specializes in the creation of new and enhanced cast thermoset polyurethane. Our chemists and chemical engineers are distinguished for the patents they’ve been awarded, particularly in the area of semi-conductive urethanes to enhance the performance of business machine rollers and assemblies.

MPC holds U.S. and international patents for:

Tribocharging and electrostatic dissipating elastomers, including:

  • Semi-conductive urethane compounds and processing techniques
  • Fabricating unique materials through open-cast molding of semi-conductive thermoset urethane
  • Semi-conductive reaction injection molding (RIM) processes
  • Semi-conductive thermoplastic urethanes (TPUs)
  • Semi-conductive urethane/silicone copolymers
  • Semi-conductive silicones

In-line skate wheels, hubs and shoes:

  • Variable traction wheel for in-line roller skate
  • In-Line wheeled skate for extreme skating
  • In-line wheeled skate
  • Shoes for walking and rolling